Family constellations training modules

Formation Constellations familiales

This training will help trainees to find their true place in the family and the society, to repair bonds and to restore harmony. It will allow professionals as well as individuals to expand their self confidence and discoveries which will be essential in their lives and their professional practice. Each participant will continue their personal evolution and develop their potential before being in the service of others if that is their goal.

A Systemic Approach to Grief

September 24-25 and 26, 2021 (On Zoom) –   The loss of someone or something is often accompanied by deep pain. This is sometimes a legacy that has been passed down through the generations. And while it is useful, in a sense, to know the « stages of mourning, » they do

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The Path to Reconciliation

November 26-28, 2021 (On Zoom) – Throughout our life we are challenged to include many individuals and behaviors that we otherwise feel pressured or expected to exclude, such as a drug-taking sibling, an alcoholic, a thief, a prostitute, an incestuous parent, a culture, a race. On a larger scale, terrorists,

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