Training in family constellations

Formation Constellations familiales

Become a facilitator

In this training you will explore the underpinnings of Constellation work in theory and practice. The course combines lectures, written materials, self work and supervised opportunities to facilitate others. Participation in six modules of two to four days each as well as meetings to practice facilitation.Modules are offered by experienced Family Constellations facilitators who are accredited by the Hellinger Learning Center. The training is open to trainees who have a serious interest in this work and can commit to all six modules.

1- Training instructors

Inspired by Bert Hellinger’s approach, this training in systemic constellations is facilitated by Claire-Khudai Dagenais SEP, director of the hellinger Learning Cennter for Eastern Canada. At times  guest trainers  join our team to contribute to this training. Originating from various academic backgrounds and having followed multidisciplinary career paths, each and every instructor brings additional value to the training by addressing different aspects of the Constellations approach.

2- Each Beginner and Intermediate level is four days in length..

A) The modules

The introductory module to the basic principles of family constellations is a prerequisite to take the other five modules which can be completed in any order. Furthermore, to enable future facilitators to begin training when they want with the module of their choice, the introductory course in family constellations is offered several times during the training: on demand or three weeks before the start of each new module.

B) Guided Learning Meetings

Focusing on  practical application, these meetings (and various other workshops) are offered and conducted by Claire Khudai Dagenais throughout the training calendar.  The meetings give future facilitators the opportunity to practice facilitating family constellations. The scheduling of these meetings is set by consensus according to each participant’s availability. In addition trainees can attend workshops twice a month as observers, and take part as representatives.

3- Graduation

Those who will have completed the six modules and attended  some meetings will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Hellinger Learning Center.

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