Tending to our roots

October 13-14,  2018

With the support of other workshop participants, we will set constellations, which is a dynamic portrait of our family field. It reveals the degree of intimacy, pain, love, or sense of abandonment that one may feel in relation to the others, and exposes unconscious identifications and entanglements.

We will learn to move beyond judgement and to consciously open our heart to excluded or forgotten family-members. We will practice how to stop interfering in the lives of others and how to not take over responsibilities that are not ours. Thus, we gain wholeness, inner strength and learn to find our place within the family system and in life in general. This is the way to grow up from the blind love of a child to the mature love of a conscious human being. Now we no longer need to repeat the suffering of our parents or ancestors, while at the same time we are full of gratitude towards them.

Open to anyone who would like to set up a Constellation in a group setting.

Space is limited to 10 participants.

Trainer : Claire Khudai Dagenais
Dates : October 13-14, 2018 (9:30am to 5:30pm)
Location : 9823 Saint Laurent Blvd, suite 3.1, Montreal H3L 2N5. (Sauvé metro station)
Price : $ 240

Claire Khudai Dagenais

Trainer: Claire Khudai Dagenais

Director of l’Art des Constellations familiales and of the Hellinger Learning Center for Eastern Canada, Claire Khudai Dagenais has been offering since many years, workshops and trainings in the Family Constellation approach. With compassion and kindness, she invites participants towards openness, respect and self inquiry.


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