« Although these sessions may be therapeutic, they do not replace medical care or conventional therapy ».

Individual Session

with Claire Khudai Dagenais
Director of the Hellinger Learning Center and of the L’Art des Constellations familiales

Information and registration : info@constellationsfamiliales.ca or by phone: (514) 850-0903


• Individual sessions in Family Constellations.

• In presence or Zoom Constellation sessions.

Services Claire Khudai Dagenais

Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing works in a setting similar to traditional therapy . However, the focus is on the client’s neurophysiological responses to their experiences, rather than on the content of those experiences per se.

The focus flows between our stories and the somatic experiencing of those stories, with a clear focus on the latter. By exploring the client’s somatic landscapes, we delve into rich uncharted lands often yielding deep discovery. It is in this process of revealing that the emotional charge of trauma can be understood, experienced and discharged.

It is this somatic body of memory that must be allowed to re-engage in a healthier, more adaptive way with the present and emerge into a future of hope, opportunity, and joy.

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