A Systemic Approach to Loss and Grief

25-27 October, 2019
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The loss of someone or something is often accompanied by deep pain. This is sometimes a legacy that has been passed down through the generations. And while it is useful, in a sense, to know the « stages of mourning, » they do not necessarily take into account the root causes of it, its hidden meaning, or the amazing possibilities it contains.

In this workshop, we will expand our understanding of loss and grief and what it means when a whole (family) system experiences repetitive losses. Sometimes, in spite of ourselves, we « inherit », from unfinished mourning, from undigested traumas, from « secrets » transmitted by our parents and ancestors. We will take a benevolent look at them so we can free ourselves from it.

To cry, to continue to live, to recognize that we have suffered a loss, to be transformed forever and yet to remain centered and alive: these elements are at the heart of this approach.

Trainer : Claire Khudai Dagenais
Dates : 25-27 October, 2019
Location : 9823 Saint Laurent Blvd, suite 3.1, Montreal H3L 2N5. (Sauvé metro station)
Price : $ 425

Claire Khudai Dagenais

Claire Khudai Dagenais

Director of l’Art des Constellations familiales and of the Hellinger Learning Center for Eastern Canada, Claire Khudai Dagenais has been offering since many years, workshops and trainings in the Family Constellation approach. With compassion and kindness, she invites participants towards openness, respect and self inquiry.


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