Introductory Module to Family Constellation Work

November 7-8, 2020 on Zoom – in English

This introductory module focuses on the foundations of Family Constellation and allows participants to learn about essential orders and spirit of this approach. The founding principles and code of ethics will be introduced, though this course is not limited to the presentation of a set of concepts. The future facilitators will learn to trust their felt sense and take into account several factors such as: the place of each member of the family, the order that prevails in each family system, the rules of clan membership, respect for ancestors, respect of destiny and the courage to live one’s own. Through explanations and practical exercises, participants further their own inner processes. Based on observation skills, listening, respect, non-judgement and empathy, this work leads to a deep understanding of family systems and their effects on peoples’ live.

Trainer : Claire Khudai Dagenais
Dates : November 7-8, 2020
Location : on Zoom in English
Schedule: 9:30am to 5:30pm
Price : $ 260 + 15 % taxes

Claire Khudai Dagenais

Claire Khudai Dagenais

Director of l’Art des Constellations familiales and of the Hellinger Learning Center for Eastern Canada, Claire Khudai Dagenais has been offering since many years, workshops and trainings in the Family Constellation approach. With compassion and kindness, she invites participants towards openness, respect and self inquiry.


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