The Académie Claire-Khudai proposes two approaches

Formation Constellations familiales

Family Constellations

The Family Constellation is a powerful method for discerning the intricacy of existing links in your family of origin, or in your current family or relationship.

Formation/Training Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing®

Somatic Experiencing® offers a new and optimistic view of trauma. SE® is a brief therapy that aims to resolve trauma.

Discover the workshops, trainings and individual sessions specific to each approach.

Personal development for professionals and individuals

Find your right place

Repairing family ties

Recreate harmony

Transform trauma

What our participants say

Past trauma and a recurrence of depression and anxiety led me to Claire. She is a gifted SE practitioner who through her highly intuitive, sensitive and caring presence has helped me to effectively deal with the heightened reactions of the nervous system that resulted from past trauma. I highly recommend her to anyone who seeks to heal from trauma.
W. Anke B.
This training module was amazingly facilitated by Claire. I feel so honoured to have participated in this weekend. My understanding of how to facilitate constellations has grown exponentially during it. It's amazing to see how simple and yet complex the process of family constellations is. The sensitivity and gentleness required of the facilitator was very present in Claire and her experiential teaching method makes the technique accessible. Thanks again for all your amazing work for family constellations in Guelph! I really appreciate your bringing the training here.
Elsa, Guelph

Pursue one's personal evolution and develop one's potential before putting oneself at the service of others ... if that is the goal.

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