Most events will now be held on Zoom

Facilitator : Claire Khudai Dagenais. Regional Director of the Hellinger Learning Center for Eastern Canada.

Dates : Mondays, April 19, May 10 and Tuesday, June 22, 2021, 6pm.

Location : on Zoom

Trainer : Claire Khudai Dagenais, director of Hellinger Learning Center for East Canada.

Dates : To be announced…

Family constellations training modules

A Systemic Approach to Illnesses

June 11-13, 2021 – Special guest : Sneh Victoria Schnabel. In this workshop, we will learn to recognize the effects of entanglements and trauma in the present and  the previous generations which can influence our health and those of our


A Systemic Approach to Grief

September 24-25 and 26, 2021 – The loss of someone or something is often accompanied by deep pain. This is sometimes a legacy that has been passed down through the generations. And while it is useful, in a sense, to


The Path to Reconciliation

November 26-28, 2021 Throughout our life we are challenged to include many individuals and behaviors that we otherwise feel pressured or expected to exclude, such as a drug-taking sibling, an alcoholic, a thief, a prostitute, an incestuous parent, a culture,


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